Welcome to Knitted in the Womb

I’m so glad you found me!

Are you counting down the days to meeting your baby,
but wishing you could skip over giving birth?

Do you wish your partner would spend more
time with you talking about your baby?

Do you have many questions to ask about how
you can help your baby be healthy,
but no one seems to have enough time to answer?

Are you eagerly diving into social media looking to find other women like you? Have you pinned so many nursery décor ideas that you can almost feel the pushpins in your fingers? Despite all the birth videos you’ve watched, and car seat safety articles you’ve read, do you still wonder if you are missing something important to make your upcoming birth and newborn experience what you want it to be?

Do you want support to help you make decisions that will help you be in control of your birth and have a healthy baby?
If this is you, Knitted in the Womb can help! Please contact me for more information.