If you want to refer any potential clients to us as a reference feel free to do that. The preparation you gave us and the assistance during birth was invaluable. I knew with twins that I’d never have the ideal, low-key birth I wanted, but you definitely helped to make it the best I could have expected.

Jen & Dallas

childbirth education and doula clients

Thank you so much for your support and guidance before and during the labor. Ab & I both had such an amazing birth experience and I know it wouldn’t have gone so well without your support. You really are the BEST doula out there and I truly am thankful and blessed that you were at the birth with us.

Carol & Ab

childbirth education and doula clients for 3 births

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your teaching…. Without you, my whole pregnancy and birth of my daughter would have been different; that is how much the classes affected our lives…I loved my whole experience [of birth]. I know that it was because of the education we got and my team of supportive people during the birth that made it possible…I want to thank you for your part…We are truly blessed..

Maggie & Eddie

childbirth education clients

…We also wanted to say how glad we are to have taken your class. The whole process of pregnancy & birthing was mysterious & terrifying before we signed on with you. With your friendly, straightforward teaching style, vast personal experience (I’m picturing you calmly nursing Sean as I write this), you managed to calm a huge percentage of our terror & replace it with a reservoir of confidence. Thank you so much!

Ann & Dave

childbirth education clients

The overall knowledge gained helped us feel confident and prepared.

Shari & Randy

childbirth education clients for 2 births

Thank you for the support while pregnant, wading through information to help with making plans/decisions for our vaginal birth after cesarean.

Leah & Ben

childbirth education and doula clients, VBAC

Your commitment to helping couples achieve a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby made a huge impact on our lives. Our entire experience was enriched from your efforts. We appreciate how you also went above and beyond by forwarding useful information to help us care for our baby at a time of special needs. Thank you very much.

Heather & Greg

childbirth education clients

We are so glad we made the choices we did-to have you as an instructor/doula & to have a midwife. We know things could have turned out much differently if we hadn’t.

Angela & Dale

childbirth education and doula clients

We can’t say enough how much we thank you! The classes were excellent, and your support in labor was invaluable. Thank you for all of your hard work. Please feel free to have people call us for referrals.

Lisa & Steve

childbirth education and doula clients for two births

Thank you so much for all of your support during our classes and labor. We were very grateful to have you share in our birthing experience and appreciate all you taught us. … You were a valuable resource and your insight and encouragement were very helpful. We would recommend your class and services to anyone.

Alyssa & Rich

childbirth education and doula clients