After a bit of a needed time off to tend to my own growing family and extenuating extended family needs – it feels good to be back in doula business! Within ten days of each other, I served two precious families – a first time mom and a fourth time mom. The feeling of anticipation never grows old…in fact, every birth becomes more exciting since no two births are alike and as a doula, you just never know what experiences are waiting for you. I have to admit – it feels pretty dang good to be back! There is such an amazing feeling after leaving a birth – to know that you have helped someone achieve such an important goal. In both cases, each mom had a goal to birth naturally, without medication and with as little intervention as possible. In the end, each mama was successful and the world has these two new precious lives to embrace. My favorite part about being a doula (besides the baby!)is the concept of what a good birth team is…or at least becomes. For some, I know the thought of bringing a ‘stranger’ into your most intimate moment seems awkward…and in that first hour, it often is a dance…trying to find a rhythm that works for the team. But labor is no respecter of time…and eventually things progress and a natural rhythm happens between mom, partner and doula. It is a beautiful thing to see a laboring mother, fully supported and loved and cared for through the process. No one replaced or left out. In fact, most partners would say that their role as a supporter was enhanced with a doula. The most beautiful part is the end of course. What a privilege it is to be a doula!
Watch out Lehigh Valley – here I come! 🙂